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Tool Making 

Injection Moulding is a high precision manufacturing process which means it requires a mould which is accurately constructed to be able to products uniform parts and products continuously in a cost effective way, at Anglesey Mould & Press we have an in house tooling engineer who is able to modify, resize, repair and create tools that work for you.

Our process is fast, reliable and cost effective, always communicating with the customers to get the best outcome. We are also able to create tools that are suitable for small batch production or mass production. 

Industrial Designer

Initial Tooling Design 
Designing of the tool and how feasible it is, deciding how many impressions it has, the flow direction, and the finish the parts have.


By having our in house tool
maker it allows us to provide a lower cost tooling quote.


Technicians Working On Machine

The making of the tool using detailed tool drawings and precise measurements.

industry machine

Samples + Final Corrections
This is the final stage of the 
tooling process, the samples
will show us if there is any minor changes needed or if it is ready, for batch or mass production.

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